Research and Development,

the central nervous system

of Riccoplast.

A world in constant

movement requires

constant investments

and the introduction of

cutting-edge machinery and technologies.

Solutions, first of all.

But also a consultancy

that accompanies the production

even before the birth of an article.

An independent, self-sufficient company.

With the experience of almost half a century

in all production steps,

from design to construction.

Machines, therefore, and programs, of course.

But above all people:

young, close-knit, in step with the times.

Indeed, even a step forward.


The internal CAD / CAM laboratory was born in the early 2000s, a turning point that changes the history of the Riccoplast heel factory. The models, samples, molds are designed and manufactured internally, before mass production. All within the company itself. Then there were soles and molds and then heels, wedges, in all materials. Today Riccoplast is also 3D printing, finishing and assembly, thanks to the new conveyor department in which the essential parts of the sneakers are made up. But, in hindsight, Riccoplast has always been like this. Since, immediately after his birth, he was able to look ahead and abandon wooden heels to launch himself with national success on the most modern technologies. One step at a time, but always one step ahead.